BAAAD Annual 2020 is a collaborative student-led virtual portal, opening up the practices of Margaret Street’s current final year ‘Art and Designers’ and creating a space to explore their research. 

In normal circumstances we would celebrate our work in the usual way of the degree show at Birmingham School of Art, like all the students before us. However, being graduates during Covid-19 we have had to think on our feet, like many galleries and artists, to come up with a new way to creatively share our practices and engage with the community. So, this edition of the BAAAD annual has become a venture into the world of the internet and finding new ways to connect despite being apart physically.

We have pulled together to create a busy public programme from zine-making workshops to reading groups, as well as a space to view our artwork and delve more into our research.

Source: cehsnews.com/13710/ae/what-tiger-king-meme-are-you/