Carol Sorroll

Carol has a socially engaged practice that uses public engagement to address current issues in society. Carol has worked on a broad range of projects looking at gender, labels, beauty and decay and more recently online art and spaces. Carol is questioning our fundamental relationship with art online and explores this through Instagram and in particular hashtags. Social media has changed the way in which Artists can engage with their audience. It offers global connectivity and the means to reach new viewers effortlessly. Hashtags provide online support and structures for artists to gain visibility, grow networks and potentially create sales. They are widely and instantly recognisable and have started to infiltrate real world spaces. Hashtags highlight the fleeting nature of online material and the contradiction between popularity and permanence: what is trending one day won’t feature the next, but the content will always remain online. The melting of the wax in 1:26 represents the impermanence of online material and the passing of time through mindless scrolling. Through the Looking Glass reflects on scrolling as a means to discover and the importance of entering the space, whether online or IRL, and engaging.