Godwin Bassey

Bassey focuses on a personal project that visualises his culture and identity through art imagery and constructing a contemporary imagination of diverse representation of blackness. Throughout history in past and present times, the complexion of black skin had led to results of numbered controversies in society that has impacted the perceptions of civilians who have a mindset of ignorance or misunderstanding, whether of other races or even our own which could result in self-hatred based on inaccurate perpetuations. Through media, which is a running vessel of white supremacy, has been able to create a machinery
that defines and upholds the definition of Western art, erasing in history most of the contributions of black historians and figures, especially artists who have culturally impacted and shaped life of what we know today as modern art. Bassey, who is born and raised in Britain and is of Nigerian descent, aims to express the manifestations of black culture and showing its essence in another reality, he creates work that shows beauty through its pain, the hidden allure that was stamped by the societal standard as not being valued, of worthiness and simply of human-appeal. He demonstrates a state of excellence and empowerment through the struggle and exudes a superior complex in humility. The theme of Bassey’s work he practiced in was the sub-aspect of surrealism called ‘Afro-Surrealism’, in which his art process consisted of drawings
and digital work, also in some of his work combing both mediums producing outcomes of multiple experimentations. Bassey’s drawings involved working on top of different materials, making drawings whether intensified or subtle, depending on the image’s portrayal of narrative. He also experiments with various drawing mediums such as graphite, biro-pen, ink etc., that allowed him to capture beauty of his culture in numerous formulas.