Jacqueline Chase

Jacqueline Chase is a mixed media artist, her practice spans textiles, printmaking, ceramics, and photography. Health and wellbeing are an important part of her work, influenced by her background working for the NHS. Inspired by Biophilic design, she believes in the importance of natural textiles and materials within the home, allowing humans to ‘be close to nature’ to aid mental and physiological health.

This is manifest in the materials she uses, which are taken directly from nature: UV light from the sun, and plants from the garden, woodlands and forests. Cyanotype printing uses sunlight to capture shadowed silhouettes, this process has been further developed through sublimation printing onto fabric, paper, organic cotton, and ceramics.

Jacqueline incorporates natural textures, textiles, materials, and patterns from nature. Her final work considers the importance of Biophilic design attributes through unique interior design items.

She has produced final collections of wallpapers, tiles, and cushions, each individual and unique. Her major influences when making her work have been William Morris, Anna Atkins, and contemporary designers Giles Round and Orla Keily. Her work has also been informed by the book ‘Nature by Design’ by Stephen Kellert which emphasises the importance ofBiophilic Design in our busy society today. In the current Coronavirus Pandemic crisis, people will have a greater need than ever, for the inclusion of nature within their homes as many will be unable to appreciate trees, flowers, and woodlands in person.