Kyriaki Evripidou

For my final project after a lot of research I decided to work with a serious nowadays issue, which is street harassment. This issue has changed the life and the way of thinking of so many women. Inspired and sensitised from a recent event that happened in Greece where a male student masturbated and ejaculated on a female student in the library of their University, I decided to make more research about harassment. I found that hundreds of women have experiences street harassment but the bigger percentage that experienced street harassment is from young girls aged between 9-15.

As I am a woman that I’ve experienced street harassment I took this situation more personal and I wanted to find a way to show to the viewers how important is this and how men act on women especially on young girls, sending an awareness to the viewers. I found the @catcallsnyc on Instagram, where an artist asks for girls and women anonymously to share their experiences of street harassment and tell her the location of where they harassed. She then, go to the place and write on the street floors the phrase that men shout to these girls, as an awareness to the people that walk through these streets to stop street harassment. I did mini videos of some phrases to give the sense that these phrases happen at this time, by projecting them on the wall. Also, I edited posters on photoshop oh these phrases with different font, colours and edits.