Polly Brant

Through layering and mixing, Polly examines materials, imagery and objects; exploring the possibility of transformation. From washing-up liquid to flowers, she plays with a wide range of media, investigating how objects can be merged together both physically and contextually. 

Often the materials in the work come from places of contrast, through play however, different concepts are combined and layered to create a connected relationship. Though this connection is created through differences, how each element exists in opposition to each other, the boundaries become fluid: there is no separation between one material to the next. For example, the intermixing of household items and flowers has allowed Polly to explore the blending of the commonplace with the traditionality of Still Life; which creates new perspectives of the materials. This causes both physical and contextual transformations

This reconditioned aesthetic allows the objects and materials used to take on a new identity, through the process of transformation, creating a singular depiction of its new symbiotic existence. Polly’s practice includes selection, photography and layering.