Reece D’Abreu

The veil of humanity present’s a capsule exclusive to the pop-up store exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ. XVIII (18) premium oversized tees available to the public for a limited time only. At a time where consumerism is exploiting the populations humanity, forcing naive and fragile minds to fall into the trend of wearing ‘Masks’ to conceal true identities, emotions and ultimately their humanity. The Brand: Veil of Humanity aims to exploit high street clothing and streetwear brands, exposing them for what they really are and presenting the damaging effects wearing ‘hyped’, ‘ or ‘cool’ expensive clothing in order to be somebody you aren’t. Using an ultimately tongue & cheek approach to mask sincere undertones, the brand uses it’s ironic approach to act as a brand similarly to those it is exploiting, although these products are not meant to be sold as the prices are extortionate and present how these high street brands uses consumption and consumerism to exploit.

This collection of works presented within the luxury pop-up shop style exhibition aiming to invoke a sense of realisation to viewers. Placing an emphasis on the flaws consumeristic ideals and movements. Allowing
viewers to interact through the store like any other, providing access to an online web-store and instagram page as the brand presents other methods of
consumerism’s methods of demeanour.