Thomas Saunders

In his practice Tom looks at two states of our British landscape: the rural and the urban. As the population grows, the residential areas that house them grow also. Tom is interested in whether this in turn means that green space is reducing. With systems such as urban farming and people becoming ever more conscious of their foods origin and their consumption, Tom’s practice questions what effects these have on the green space that we are exposed to in different areas. With urban areas traditionally being though of as having less green space, Tom also plans to look at how green space in now being incorporated into the design of our cities. Using his experiences of living in the South Lakes and Birmingham city centre he hopes to use his journey and experiences to explore these two areas and the ways in which they are changing to allow for green space in our everyday lives. Using a combination of found materials and casting he creates work that speaks of both the rural and the urban, while incorporating his research and experiences of rural and urban green space. 

After working through this project Tom feels that it can be divided into sections of work and research that explores different aspects of his chosen theme. He began by exploring the journey from a rural environment to an urban environment that he then incorporates his initial textural exploration into. This then led into him thinking closer about the composition and juxtaposing material of his work as well as the importance of their connotations and where they are sourced. From here he began to research how the areas are changing and food production in the two, leading him to his final theme of availability of green space in the two areas.