The School Of Art & BLM

Black Lives Matter: The State of Inequalities at Our School: Student Only

Tonight @ 7pm

This evening, join students and graduates discuss the inequalities our school transmits in its teachings, environment and structure. This is not a unique symptom of our school, these are inequalities at your workplace, in your community and at your front door, but, we do not have to allow them here, at Birmingham School of Art. 

Tonight we discuss:

Class & Accessibility: Where is the support for those that cannot afford equipment, international trips and travel?

The Black Experience: Why has the school never employed a Black art tutor? This is critical to shaping an inclusive curriculum and reflecting our student demographic. What happens when tutors aren’t equipped to support cultural themes of work?

International Care: An honest reflection of the care of our international students, left too often to be ostracised in class and group projects

Mental Health Support: Parkside is not our campus. Accessing quick and reactive support inside the school is needed full-time

The Queer Experience: Is this successfully integrated within our school curriculum and how are these students supported

Religion and culture: Currently, anything other than Christianity is an after-thought, how do they support and ‘celebrate’ students during non-Christian holidays?

Join the Meeting Here:

Meeting ID: 796 1661 0954

Password: 6ByWxA